Our approach to physiotherapy is founded in the Integrated Systems Model (ISM).  ISM is a more holistic approach to physiotherapy assessment and treatment.  ISM uses a systematic approach to look at a person as a whole to find the primary driver or root cause of their symptoms.  It provides an understanding of how all past injuries, poor posture and movement patterns are linked and how they may contribute to your symptoms.  This may include evaluation of the musculoskeletal, neurovascular and/or visceral systems. In order to effectively administer this approach, our therapists allocate a minimum of 30 minutes of one on one time with each client.  

Everything is connected.  For instance, an ankle issue may have a shoulder as the driver (culprit).  Sometimes an old injury results in faulty alignment and the body favours that shoulder and creates a twist, putting more body weight on one side of the ankle than the other.  In this scenario, treating the ankle would produce limited results, however, treating the shoulder will have profound results.

Every client is unique.  In this approach, there is no ‘recipe’ for how to treat any injury.  We always problem solve with the client and their body to determine their symptoms, the driver, correction of tissue causing restriction, and home program to support corrected alignment/movement strategy.  


Skills that may be used in your sessions
(with your consent):  

1. Education, client informed with the source of the issue and how best to treat it.  

2. Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), is a comprehensive assessment used to identify healthy and functional movement patterns from ones that are not.  

3. Manual therapy (Joint, soft tissue, fascia, capsule mobilizations, ligamentous frictions...)

4. Spinal manipulation

5. Specific exercise prescription and home program development

6. Acupuncture.  Particularly helpful in pain reduction and calming the nervous system.  

7. Visceral Manipulation (restoring movement to the organs and their fascia) These are commonly affected with motor vehicle collisions, falls, surgeries and pregnancy.  

8. Cranial Sacral Techniques.  The cranium and dural/neural system are commonly affected with concussion, falls on the tailbone, traumatic birth and orthodontics.  

9. Taping.  Helpful in building body awareness and support in corrected alignment.  

10. Collaboration with other members of your health and wellness team.  
(Doctor, coach, trainer, Pilates instructor etc.)


Physical Therapy Assessment
with Treatment

60 Minutes
FEE // $140

Physical Therapy Treatment

60 minutes 30 minutes
FEE // $140 FEE //$90

+ Low Income clients are offered a rate reduction.  Assessment $85; Follow-up $65

+ Keep in mind that we will direct bill your benefits provider whenever possible.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In Alberta, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), regardless of who was at fault, you are entitled to benefits.  The benefits you receive are based on the extent of your injuries.

STEP 1 //

Complete an AB-1 form that details the nature of the accident and submit it to your car insurance company as soon as you can.

STEP 2 //

See a physiotherapist within 10 business days of the accident.  Your physiotherapist will diagnose your injuries in accordance with the Diagnostic Treatment “Protocols”.  The majority of MVA injuries qualify for 10-21 treatments within 90 days of the accident. These can be billed directly to your car insurance company.

In some circumstances, you may not qualify for protocol treatments that are billed directly to your car insurance company. If this is the case, costs for care are billed to your extended health care plan first.  Any portion of treatment that is not covered by your extended health care plan can then be submitted to your car insurance company for reimbursement.

Work Related Injuries

Evolve Physical Therapy does not have a WCB contract, and hence is unable to treat workplace related injuries.  Please contact WCB for a list of providers.

Post Surgery/Post Fracture

Evolve Physical Therapy does not have a contract with Alberta Health Services (AHS), and as such does not provide Alberta Health Care funded services.  You may be able to access AHS funded services for post surgery (within 56 days) and post fracture (within 2 weeks of cast removal) at another clinic. If you choose, Evolve Physical Therapy can treat you for these privately or through extended benefits.

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at any time.


Infants to elderly
Pre and post natal
Athletes to desk jockeys
Lack of ease in the body to acute pain


 Evolve accepts debit, MasterCard, Visa, e-transfer or cash. 

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $35 fee. Appointment no-shows are subject to a $50 fee.


 No doctor's referral necessary.  


To all major extended health care benefits providers.