Michelle’s gentle, intuitive nature and whole person approach in treating the mind, body and soul has been exceptionally beneficial to me. She’s provided relief from chronic pain I’ve had for many, many years. I’m very grateful for her amazing skills.
— Kristin

Michelle’s approach to the whole body, rather than the individual parts, is a refreshing way to look at physical health. I appreciate her attention to all the contributing factors in an effort to solve current issues. She provides kind, compassionate care and I am happy to have benefited from her knowledge.
— Brandi

Michelle’s understanding of the human body is extraordinary and she is a leader in her fields of expertise. During sessions with Michelle, I have learned a great deal, that which my body has known over a lifetime, to better manage pain and improve physical movement. Using a holistic approach to address my body’s most pressing issues, she is supportive and knowledgeable, and able to pinpoint my pain and help my body process self healing. Thank you, Michelle, for your courage to meet me halfway, and guide me to wellness.
— Jannie

As an active, healthy mom, I was totally thrown off by a pain in my neck that just wasn’t getting better. I went to Chiro, acupuncture, massage and tried various home stretches to help it heal - and a month later was still in pain of 8/10 and unable to turn my neck. When I showed up to see Michelle, I wasn’t hopeful. She spent an hour with me, her work is so gentle its easy to think nothing is happening. Her holistic approach of exploring how emotions impact the physical body is highly effective. By the time she was done the first appointment I had 70% more range of motion and my pain was at a 2/10. By morning it was gone. It is obvious that her unique training and passion to help others, produce really amazing outcomes. I am very grateful and have referred many friends her way.
— Yvonne

I spent several years chasing an injury without ever truly making any progress. I had to be convinced to try physio again. This was very different! Michelle has used many different techniques, and found me noticeable pain relief; while also helping me gain back some range of motion. She has recommended an MRI (arthrogram), which is allowing me to move along towards a needed repair. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable, completely professional, but also very caring. She has made a believer out of me. I will always be grateful, and I highly recommend her!
— Duane

I will always be grateful for finding Michelle. She cares not only about what is obviously bugging me, but what is causing it and how my whole body is doing. The difference she has made with chronic issues is life changing! Michelle also cares how I am doing emotionally; the mind and body are so intricately connected. She is gifted. Michelle has blessed me; and my family. She works easily with the young, and the old. It is an honour to write a recommendation for Michelle! I could not recommend her more highly.
— Lois